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Throughout its history the small country of East Timor has gone through a lot from war and invasion through to independence.

The people have all suffered, and are still suffering greatly but none more so than the children who, throughout their struggles have remained happy and friendly with a ready smile.
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The poverty surrounding the families in East Timor is so great that half the children under five are stunted. Sixty per cent of the population has no safe source of drinking water and three-quarters have no access to electricity.

Education has been highlighted as a serious priority as half the country's population cannot read. It is for these children that the East Timor Childrens Fund was formed. It was formed to give back to the children some hope for the future.

Without the continued generosity and support from sponsors the East Timor Childrens Fund would not be in a position to help these wonderful children who have been through so much hardship.

Please help us to help the children of East Timor.
East Timor Childrens Fund - Our Mission

Our mission is to assist in the education of the children of Timor-Leste so that they have the opportunity to enhance their lives and those of their community.

The way we do this is through a sponsorship program. This program allows East Timor Childrens Fund to facilitate various projects within the local communities.

To find out more about these projects please visit the "what's happening" page.